Daily Paper presents their new project: “Unite”

February 28, 2018 back to overview

Having presented their Fall/Winter 2018 collection at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, Daily Paper have now collaborated with film director Sharif Abdel Mawla to release its latest project: a short film showcasing the diversity of Amsterdam youth in a state of comfort and confidence. A visual translation that underlines the mindset of Daily Paper.

Daily Paper’s focus is to cultivate their relationships and expand their community, encouraging international youth to express and accept their individualism and educate them to protect themselves. Daily Paper is championing their culture and creating a community of belonging rather than exclusion, the youth will always be heard.

Reflected by secret messaging, Daily Paper recruits a community that can spread and also protect its knowledge. Equip yourself by signing up and joining them at unite.dailypaperclothing.com

In unity there is strength.