Daily Paper presents colourful FW’18 editorial

November 26, 2018 back to overview


Daily Paper teams up with FGUK Magazine to celebrate uniqueness and unity for their new colourful FW'18 editorial

“Creating a community of belonging rather than exclusion.”


Back in September this year, lifestyle and clothing label Daily Paper presented their latest FW'18 campaign titled “Unite” in the meandering vastness of the South African landscape. The results were a remarkably graceful fashion photo series capturing the spirit of a modern day explorer and the essence of what it is to inhabit a new landscape, a space devoid of obstacles, context and the complexities of society - a new world with infinite possibilities.

Continuing on from this, Daily Paper enrolled London-based FGUK Magazine to curate together a new editorial lensed by photographer, Simon Cecere, under the name “Unite” to push their ethos of community and identity and aim to encourage their audience to express and accept their individualism and champion their culture.

"Unite" for us meant being unapologetically yourself and never afraid to be you. The new seasonal editorial focusses on representation, inclusivity and allegiance. FGUK Magazine selected over 30+ London-based and international muses to come together and deliver what it means to support progression and mixed culture without the need of fear of discrimination or suppression.



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